Services: Cost Review & Construction Contract Audits

VOS CPAs, PLLC cost review and construction contract audits protect our clients from over charges, ensure budgetary management, and mitigate risk on large capital projects. Have you considered some of the following questions:

Is there sufficient financial reporting in place?
Are you validating change orders?
How efficiently is your project's budget being managed?

Our project experience addresses all of your questions regarding: Cost Recoveries, Cost Avoidances, and Capital Project Cost Reviews (including: CM, CM at Risk, GMP, Renovation, Expansion, Design-Build, and OCIP (Owner Controlled Insurance Plan)). Our team of accountants is experienced in serving the construction industry in its unique, ever-changing environment with a working knowledge of accounting, auditing, and operational issues.

Review of cost and audit clauses to minimize your company's risk exposure, negotiation of cost rates for personnel and subcontractor rates to be used on change orders.

Change order analysis, payment applications, general contractor reviews, architects and 3rd party reviews.


Validation of completion of projects and cost compliance with contract terms, final billing and mediation.

Evaluate overall project management including your project delivery system.

VOS CPAs, PLLC has learned from experience that an audit of your construction project before work starts will eliminate any potential overbillings. Before close-out takes place our firm proposes the reviewing of contracts, calculating of billing rates, checking terms and conditions, documenting third-party internal control systems - and much more.

Our project approach includes:
Audit and review services
Operational reviews
Accounting system reviews
Unit price analysis
Burden rate analysis
Contract review
Overhead analysis
calculation of labor rates

E-mail us for additional information on Burden Rates and Insurance including:

Payroll taxes
Union benefit rates
Benefit rates attached to the wage
Verifying insurance coverage
Insure no duplication of costs